EU Grid Action Plan: T&D Europe statement

Published this week, the Action Plan for Grids should provide a further boost the development of a future-proof, flexible and resilient electricity network.

Commissioner Simson summarised the importance of grids and the Action Plan, when she said: “To integrate vast amounts of green electricity and electrify consumption sectors, we need to greatly expand our transmission and distribution grids.”

T&D Europe, the European Association of the Electricity Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Services Industry, is ready to engage with other actors in implementing the proposed actions.

Key points:

  • The Action Plan is the follow up to the High Level Forum on Grids, which took place in September under the patronage of Commissioner Simson. It reconfirms the central role electricity networks play in delivering the energy transition.
  • The necessary technologies for the grid are available today. Europe’s strong grid technology industry need a clear long term commitment on the needs of European operators. The proposed improvements in long-term grid planning for both transmission and distribution should provide a solid base for industrial planning. T&D Europe looks forward to collaborate with ENTSO-E and EU DSO Entity to discuss measures that facilitate investments in manufacturing capacity and secure supply chains.
  • T&D Europe also welcomes the actions to incentive a better use of the grids, including the focus on the consideration of OPEX in addition to CAPEX, the promotion of the uptake of smart grid, network efficiency and innovative technologies.

T&D Europe experts will review in more detail the action plan over the coming weeks.

Read here, T&D Europe’s and EDSO’s input to the Grid Action Plan (11 October 2023)