UK electrical manufacturing industry publish landmark report on resourcing the UK’s energy supply chain

T&D Europe member and leading UK Trade Association, BEAMA, have today published a first of its kind analysis of the extent of infrastructure investment needed to meet Net Zero by 2050, revealing the huge opportunities  that lie in the growth of the green industrial sectors and job creation, forming a key part of the UK’s Green Industrial Revolution.

 This work reveals the criticality of investment in the next 5-10 years if we are to limit the overall cost of Net Zero. The current energy crisis is now amplyfing the scale and urgency for change across the energy system, as well as combined pressures on manufacturing capacity and supply shortages. The need for effective supply chain planning was urgent last year, now it is critical. Effective planning for manufacturing capacity will be essential for UK energy supply and security in the months and years to come. 

 ”The future decarbonisation of our energy systems will be a big challenge. This report outlines in great detail where investments need to be made, and the great potential for UK based jobs and investment. However, we are already seeing manufacturers now deciding between the UK and other countries for investment: I want to ensure we have done everything we can to facilitate investment in the UK and keep business close to UK markets. If we an work with the Government and wider energy industry, I believe that the high potential costs outlined can be significantly reduced. Let’s all work together to deliver the future energy systems we need, whilst delivering truly low carbon solutions for UK householders and businesses”, stated Dr. Howard Porter, BEAMA CEO. 

Find out more about BEAMA and download the report on their website