The inadequate review of the Primary Energy Factor will jeopardise the attainment of Green Deal and REPowerEU objectives

Led by EuropeOn, T&D Europe and a group of 11 stakeholders from the electricity sector co-signed an open letter to DG Ener Director General, Ditte Juul Jorgensen, to convery concerns about the ongoing review of the Primary Energy Factor (PEF) for electricity.

 The review process is a key opportunity to rework the PEF and ensure it is no longer an incentive for the consumption of fossil fuels by artificially penalising electricity consumption.

This open call for an in-dept PEF review is based on a previous joint letter T&D Europe also co-signed to ensure the PEF methodology delivers on the EU policy goals as expressed in the REPowerEU plan and the EU Green Deal. In particular for T&D Europe, the joint letter highlights that while the rationale behind removing the PEF from product policy is sensible for energy consuming devices, it should not be applied to electricity transmission and distribution equipment which serves mainly to convey electrical energy.