Paper on the role of hydrogen for Smart Sector Integration

T&D Europe welcomes the ongoing common European efforts to develop a new role for hydrogen and Smart Sector Integration. Our latest paper delivers key recommendations on how Smart Sector Integration can support hydrogen deployment. It also explores how the electricity sector and T&D infrastructure can accelerate the deployment of renewable energy to help achieve the Fit for 55 and REPowerEU goals.

 Jochen Kreusel, T&D Europe’s Deputy President and Energy Policy Working Group Chair, stated ”These recommendations build on the work done by the European Commission’s Expert Group on electricity interconnection targets, looking at how to address the urgent need to accelerate hydrogen deployment on the road to a climate-neutral Union by 2050. Europe is at a crossroads and will have to implement the right investments to support a smarter, more integrated, and optimised energy system.” 

T&D Europe hopes to see the RePowerEU objectives achieved through faster structural investments in future-proofing the grids, to ensure the infrastructure will be ready and prepared for the integration of renewable energy sources, such as hydrogen, into our energy systems.