T&D Europe position paper on the EU Data Act proposal

T&D Europe is a provider of smart energy technologies which are, and will continue to be, vital for ensuring the future readiness of the electrical grid. We understand the important role of data and the new scale and breath of data availability and usage that will come in the near future with the digitalisation of electricity generation and transmission. Therefore, we believe that we need to ensure that the EU Data Act reflects the current industrial realities and guarantee the global competitiveness of the EU industries.

Our latest position paper highlights our concerns on the legislative proposal, including impact on current and future service businesses, and clarifies some specificities that are currently being misunderstood and could result in negative impact. 

As stated by Christiane Mann, Vice President Industry Affairs Smart Infrastructure at Siemens AG and Chair of our Smart Grids Micro Grids Working Group, ”T&D Europe has the smart energy technologies that are required to future-proof the critical infrastructure of electricity generation and transmission. Data plays an ever-increasing role in our sector and it is important to get the Data Act right. It needs to better reflect the current industrial realities and protect the global competitiveness of the EU.”