T&D Europe joins the READY4DC project

We are delighted to announce that T&D Europe has begun collaboration for a Horizon Europe project “Getting ready for multi-vendor and multi-terminal DC technology” (READY4DC), with the European Commission and a consortium coordinated by RWTH Aachen University. Alongside T&D Europe, partners include Groningen University, ENTSO-E, WindEurope, TenneT, and the Supergrid Institute.

 In light of developments regarding power electronics, enabling radical transformation in the power grid and the massive application of DC technology, the READY4DC project will address the challenges of multi-vendor interoperability, taking up the concrete case of offshore wind farms. It will establish a community of experts to discuss the respective application and produce commonly agreed definitions of interoperable modelling tools, model sharing platforms, clear processes for ensuring interoperability, and an appropriate legal and political framework.

Jochen Kreusel, Deputy President of T&D Europe, stated: “Transforming the approach to HVDC from vendor-specific point-to-point connection to interoperable, expandable multi-terminal systems is a key technology enabler for the energy transition. READY4DC is another important step in this direction, helping to have the technology available when it will be needed.”

The project will develop the right stakeholder platform and dialogue for facilitating the condition to move from theory to action and to reach the necessary strategic conditions. The position papers that will be produced will impact not only the offshore use cases but, in principle, all the application of power electronics driven grids at every voltage level, determining a very important step towards a futuristic infrastructure in which DC technology will play a central role at every level.

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