T&D Europe hub session on Asset Management at Enlit Europe

On 2 December 2021, T&D Europe organised a hub session on ‘The growing challenges of the Asset Management for a greener grid’, bringing together expert representatives from the TSO, DSO, and private vendor sectors.

The debate was inspired by T&D Europe’s position paper ‘’Asset management for a Greener Grid’’, which can be found here.

Asset Management (AM) is a key activity for operators as a way to reduce resource consumption through lifetime extension and asset usage optimisation, limiting fossil fuel back-up generation, favouring the circular economy, and augmenting smart solutions. All of this presents an opportunity to help achieve the EU Green Deal.

Panellists discussed the digital transformation of AM for a more sustainable grid, including a digitally supported AM in a Circular Economy Framework and the supportive regulatory framework to bring the AM digital transformation.

The speakers’ individual presentations triggered a rich discussion with the audience about risk, digital transformation, and workforce management. Both suppliers and grid operators expressed interest to share data through federated learning and move from definition to applications.

Participants debated the Smartness Grid Indicator for asset management. They covered the topics of KPI content as proposed by DSOs, predictive maintenance deployment beyond POC, and the newly emerging technologies in the area.

During the discussion, grid operators stood behind the position that a benchmark should be avoided, the current KPI on predictive maintenance needs to be refined, and that the discrepancy between the KPIs and sustainability goals needs to be solved.

Find more information about Enlit Europe and the full list of speakers and their biographies here.