Pact for skills for the renewable energy sector

On Tuesday 21 March, T&D Europe, alongside 14 renewable energy trade associations and representatives of installers of clean technologies, with the support of the European Commission, launched a large-scale skills partnership for the renewable energy industrial ecosystem.

The aim is to identify the skills needed for the manufacturing and management of renewable energy technologies to achieve the EU’s energy and climate objectives for 2030 and climate neutrality by 2050 through:

1. enabling quality job creation and career paths in Europe
2. proposing policy recommendations to advance skills development
3. involving relevant national authorities, education institutions and training institutions and training platforms
4. attracting more women to clean energy-related jobs.

Overall, around 1.3 million persons were employed in the EU renewable energy sector in 2020. This number is set to increase following the accelerated deployment of clean energy solutions and the coming energy transformation will be achieved only with a numerous, well-trained workforce.

You can view the full declaration here.

You can view the European Commission’s Press Release¬†here.¬†