Meet our members: AFBEL

T&D Europe’s mission is to support its members by representing the views of Europe’s grid technology providers on key EU policy and regulatory issues. This is only possible with the help of our members. National associations are at the heart of T&D Europe. A very good reason to get to know them better!

T&D Europe sat down with Mar Duque, the Director General of AFBEL, our Spanish association.

What is your mission and who are your members?

AFBEL, the Spanish Association of Electrical Equipment Manufacturers and Technology Service Providers, has the mission to boost the development and growth of the sector in Spain. AFBEL also promotes the integration of the most efficient technologies and contributes to driving the future direction of the Spanish electricity infrastructure as an essential part of modern society. 

Approximately 80% of our members are small and medium companies (SME’s). The Association gathers almost 100% of the national market share for transformers, switchgear, smart grids, UPS’s, low voltage motors, surge arresters, steel structures and generating sets businesses. 

How do you see the economic evolution of the T&D sector in Spain? 

AFBEL members reported an estimated turnover of nearly 4.000M Euro in 2020. The export market, almost non existant in 2008, has increased to almost 2/3 of the whole business in 2020. Even through the turnover has decreased over the past ten years, the employment, with 25.000 employees (direct and indirect staff), has remained stable since 2008. This proves the strong belief of Spanish companies in keeping the high-quality level of professional standards and innovation regardless of circumstances. 

How does T&D Europe contribute and compliment your association? 

The members of AFBEL are companies with a great deal of technological expertise, high quality standards and a broad international experience. T&D Europe is a crucial channel for AFBEL to support the dynamic growth of this industry at both European and national levels. T&D Europe plays an important role in promoting our technology as a key enabler for achieving the decarbonisation goals set in the Green Deal by the European Commission.

For more information visit AFBEL’s website