Joint statement: Amendments to Net-Zero Industrial Act

T&D Europe, E.DSO and Europacable have joined forces again with a common statement on the European Commission’s ambition to increase the European Union’s manufacturing capacity of net-zero technologies.

 The co-signatories welcome the Net-Zero Industrial Act (NZIA) and Temporary Crisis and Transition State aid Framework (TCTF) to accelerate the transition of the EU’s net-zero industrial sectors towards climate neutrality by 2050. As proposed, the NZIA is a positive start of a necessary holistic and long-term strategy plan detailing specific financial and regulatory support to address all the global current and future challenges, securing an EU-built industrial ecosystem, and ensuring a tailor-made strategic autonomy for every key sector identified.

This will help to meet the EU climate targets, ensure EU access to a secure and sustainable supply of those technologies, safeguard EU energy system resilience and contribute to quality job creation. For this to happen, T&D Europe, E.DSO and Europacable call for an open, inclusive and pragmatic approach focusing on the following aspects:

  • Ensure all enabling technologies from transmission to distribution are represented as ‘grid technologies’ under the strategic net-zero technologies.
  • Reach the Union’s annual deployment needs for grid technologies can only be achieved with future-planning investments.
  • Clarify how the Act will enable investment to meet the EU’s ambitious target of manufacturing grid technologies domestically.

Download the full document here to find out more.