T&D Europe High-Level Statement on PFAS

On 25 September, T&D Europe submitted a High-Level statement as part of the response to the ECHA’s consultation on the proposed restriction of around 10 000 per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs). In the response, our key messages are to:

  • Ensure the energy transition goes together with environmental & health protection
  • Consider all PFAS used in electricity transmission & distribution equipment
  • Assess the impact of a blanket PFAS ban on electricity security
  • Take a targeted approach to risk and substances in line with REACH

Our Secretary-General, Diederik Peereboom, stated: ‘’T&D Europe welcomes the fundamental efforts to use PFAS in a sustainable manner to better protect human health as well as the environment. With the necessity for substantial grid modernisation and expansion to meet the Union’s climate and energy transition, it is crucial that a proportional, differentiated, and balanced regulatory approach is applied.’’

Download the detailed high-level statement here.