8 Recommendations for Europe’s Electricity Grids

In November, the European Commission released its communication ”Grids, the missing link – An EU Action Plan for Grids” which brings grids front and centre of the EU agenda.

“We welcome the Action Plan, which is the political recognition of the crucial importance of grids and the different stakeholders supporting it. As technology providers we are committed to supporting grid operators in developing, reinforcing, digitalising, greening and upgrading Europe’s electricity networks and making them more flexible and resilient”, said T&D Europe’s Secretary General, Diederik Peereboom.

 T&D Europe and its members are committed to support the implementation of the Action Plan. In particular, we will continue working closely together with the Commission, TSOs and DSOs to promote uptake of smart grid, network efficiency, and innovative technologies and to facilitate investments in manufacturing capacity and secure supply chains In this paper we share our commitment to support the implementation of the Action Plan and while recognising that this is an important milestone, we share recommendations and ask for policymakers to take on board some additional elements to address the needs for the grid technology industry. 

Diederik Peereboom: “The Action Plan is an important milestone. It can contribute to the necessary development of Europe’s electricity grids. However, the Action Plan does not cover all the needs of the grid technology industry. T&D Europe therefore has formulated 8 recommendations for Europe’s electricity grids, which we call on policymakers and regulators to take on board in their decisions.”

Read all about the 8 recommendations here.