Joint statement on the Green Deal Industrial Plan

In the further development of the Green Deal Industrial Plan, the European Commission and EU Member States need to ensure a dedicated, long-term focus on Europe’s electricity networks. Without a clear understanding and recognition of this critical infrastructure Europe will not be able to achieve its Green Deal ambitions.

To ensure that net-zero is achieved successfully, E.DSO, Europacable and T&D Europe today publish a joint statement in response to the Green Deal Industrial Plan. While we welcome the political support to strengthen the competitiveness of Europe’s net-zero industry, we are concerned that the proposed industrial plan does not recognise the vital role of the electricity grids and infrastructure for achieving the Green Deal objectives.

To provide the necessary support, we call on the Commission and Member States to create a European Electricity Alliance, aimed at providing more attention and support to the European electricity networks and the industry that supports it.

To find out why Europe’s network operators and the eco-system providing the technology for the electrical grid can better work towards these objectives as the backbone of Europe’s energy system and facilitator of the energy transition, read the joint statement here