Meet our members: Fedet

T&D Europe’s mission is to support its members by representing the views of Europe’s grid technology providers on key EU policy and regulatory initiatives. This is only possible with the help of our members. National associations are at the heart of T&D Europe. A very good reason to get to know them better!

T&D Europe sat down with Anne-Jaap Deinum, Director of Fedet. 

Who are your members and what is your mission?

Fedet-T&D is one of the 7 departments/sectors within the Dutch industry association Fedet. We represent manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, systems and services for medium and high voltage applications in The Netherlands. The interests of the members are represented by the T&D department in the broadest sense of the word, both at national and European level.

Fedet’s mission is to connect all electrotechnical organisations to build a better world.

What is the biggest challenge for the T&D sector in your country?

For us there are three main programmes within the T&D industry in The Netherlands. These are: future digital gridscircular economy and e-mobility infrastructure. Furthermore, Fedet T&D has a collaborative programme with Dutch Power, an association which connects the TSO and DSO’s with their suppliers.

All these programmes are key to the development of the T&D industry in The Netherlands. However, circular economy is a very specific challenge in which our Dutch customers take a frontrunner position in Europe. For instance, the Dutch TSO and DSO’s have agreed to request a standardised material passport in tenders. That is why we take a leading role in the T&D Europe working group circular economy.

How does T&D Europe contribute and complement your association?

Energy policy within member states starts in the European Union. That means that advocacy also starts in Brussels. That’s why it is essential for us, as a national association, to be connected with what happens in Brussels. T&D Europe helps us to be up-to-date on incoming policy changes and enables us to be prepared for national advocacy campaigns. We are committed to play an active role within the working groups and task forces of T&D Europe. The combined knowledge of experts from across Europe is essential for a successful advocacy campaign.

Lastly, our member companies all operate internationally. Some of them have factories in The Netherlands and export to other member states, others have factories abroad and import their products in The Netherlands. The T&D Europe network is essential for sharing knowledge between member states and helps us to inform our members accordingly. 

For more information visit Fedet’s website.