Transmission & Distribution

Our Industry

The European electric transmission and distribution (T&D) equipment and service industry is an innovative and dynamic sector that aims at constantly improving the efficiency and stability of electric power flows to the benefit of the people and the economy.

This objective is not new, its is rooted in the electric infrastructure revolution that started at the end of the 19th century in cities accross Europe and America. With the adoption of the alternating current (AC) system invented by Nikola Tesla, came the first power transfomer. Alternating current allows the power to be transmitted though the grid efficiently at high voltage, which reduces the energy lost as heat due to resistance of of the wire. The high voltage current is then  transformed to a lower, safer, voltage for use by the transformer. Over the years further electric grid equipement was developed by manufacturers to manage resilient power transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Today's revolution lies in the transition to clean energy to ensure a sustainable future for our environment. The T&D industry is playing an active role in this transition, producing digital-ready equipment accomodating new power generation technology and new electricity consumption models.

In Europe, the companies represented in our association have a production worth over €25 billion and employ about 200,000 people in a variety of roles including manufacturing, engineering and services.