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System efficiency: the enabler of a cost-effective decarbonisation

26 October 2021

Jointly organised by T&D Europe, smartEn, the Coalition for Energy Savings and RAP - The Regulatory Assistance Project, the webinar will take place as part of the European Commission's annual EU Sustainable Energy Week

Gathering senior representatives from business organisations, NGO's and European Institutions, this event will contribute to the policy debate surrounding the 'Fit for 55' Package providing recommendations on how to adapt the energy system to the challenges ahead. It aims at highlighting how critical and fundamental system efficiency is to achieve the clean energy transition and ultimately climate neutrality in Europe. 

System efficiency aims at an optimised and flexible energy system capable of supporting cost-effectively the increasing penetration of variable renewable electricity in all end-use sectors such as transport, buildings and industry.

At the core of an efficient and decarbonised energy system lies the active participation of all European energy users by unleashing their demand-side flexibility potential.

This event will have a two-fold scope: on the one hand, it will be the opportunity to inform policymakers, citizens and the business community on the benefits of system efficiency toward a cost-effective decarbonisation, reliability and resilience of the whole energy system. On the other hand, it is going to target in particular the European Parliament and Council in view of the foreseen negotiations following the publication of key proposals under the ‘Fit for 55’ Package.


Michael Villa, Executive Director at smartEN

Jochen Krueusel, Deputy President at T&D Europe

Zsuzsannna Pató, Senior Advisor at RAP 

Arianna Vitali, Secretary General at Coalition for Energy Savings 

Claudia Gamon, MEP, Member of the ITRE Committee

Christophe Gence-Creux, Head of the Electricity Department, EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Retailers (ACER) 


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