Public Events

Webinar on Grid Enhancing Technologies

29 June 2021

T&D Europe's Deputy President, Jochen Kreusel, will join ENTSO-E and CurrENT to explore major trends and the technologies reshaping the power grids as we know today. 

Energy Transition cannot be achieved simply by building new capacities, unlocking the full potential of the existing infrastructure is also a key component. Innovative technologies are emerging to enhance the capacity of the power grids, thus opening the door to the integration of the booming renewable energy sources. 

These technologies are already part of the grid operations, transforming the way power systems are managed.  For this reason, ENTSO-E developed a new tool, the Technopedia to keep track of the state-of-the-art technologies researched, demonstrated and deployed by the TSO's in the domain of assest, system operation, flexibility and digitalization. 


11:00 - 11.10 - Welcome and introduction 

11.10 - 11.25 - The ENTSO-E Technopedia 

11.25 - 12.00 - Showcasing selected grid enhancing technologies (GETs)

12.00 - 12.15 - DG ENER's Competitiveness Progress Report 

12.15 - 12.45 - Trends for GETs - panel discussion 

12.45 - 13:00 - What's next for Technopedia? 


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