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The electrification alliance - Electricity for an Efficient and Decarbonised Europe

The Electrification Alliance

Electricity for an Efficient and Decarbonised Europe

We, the signatories to this Declaration,

Recognising that climate change poses a serious threat to global environmental, economic and social stability, and progress;

Underlining that decarbonisation is essential to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the global economy;

Stressing that urgent action is required to achieve the objectives under the Paris Climate Agreement, which we fully

Acknowledging that electricity adds value to our everyday lives and the economy, including a cleaner urban
environment, and its versatility means that it has also become indispensable to modern society;

Recognising that electricity has already been adopted as the main energy carrier across key sectors of the economy;

Convinced that electricity in Europe must become decarbonised by 2050;
Believing that electricity will continue to reveal its true value in years to come as it becomes the key vector for
achieving a decarbonised, energy efficient and digital economy

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