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New electricity market rules bring greater transparency to grid operation

After approval by the European Parliament in April, the Council of Ministers adopted the revised Electricity Directive and Electricity Regulation on 23 May 2019. This is the last step before the publication in the EU Official Journal, after which the new rules will become a reality in the 28 European Member States.


T&D Europe welcomes the evolution of the EU electricity market into a more flexible, competitive and consumer-centred system able to support the clean energy transition.

Jochen Kreusel, T&D Europe Vice-President Energy Policy, sees a positive outcome for the grid infrastructure. “The legislation gives a very clear message that we have to transform the power transmission and distribution sector towards an interconnected, digital smart system able to integrate a large share of clean and distributed energy resources. Flexibility enabled by grid technology will be key to ensure the infrastructure’s efficiency and resilience – and the new rules are giving tools to the regulator to ensure the infrastructure is prepared for these new challenges” he stated. Indeed, the Electricity Directive (Art 59 (l)) entrusts the national energy regulator to monitor and assess the development of smart grids in their market, allowing for more transparency in network operation and better planning for the grid of the future.

Diederik Peereboom, T&D Europe Secretary General, added: "Now that the legislative foundation is in place, regulators, network operators, generators, consumers, and technology providers need to work together on future-proofing the electricity network by implementing the right framework in line with the directive." 

T&D Europe looks forward to this essential collaboration to ensure a successful energy transition to a low-carbon future, which serves all Europeans.