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Grid expansion and full digitalisation at the heart of the future climate neutral economy

Europe needs to accelerate the transformation towards a fully decarbonized electricity and system. The transmission, distribution and cable technologies are already available. To make the system future-proof it is necessary to unlock investments in grid reinforcement.


This was at the core of the 2018 Policy Conference “Electricity Networks at the Heart of Europe's changing energy system” held on 27 November in Brussels. The conference was jointly organized by Europacable and T&D Europe.

The event gathered all key stakeholders, who are currently at the heart of re-shaping Europe’s electricity system, to discuss the challenges and solutions that would help put in place a future-proof EU electricity network to enable Europeans to enjoy clean, reliable, secure and affordable electricity.

With the European Union undergoing a fundamental energy transformation towards more electrification, electricity networks will represent the backbone of Europe’s future fully decentralized, digitized and decarbonized energy system. More, modern and smarter electricity grids will then play a crucial role in facilitating and enabling the energy transition to integrate increasing volumes of decentralized renewable energy sources, evolving demand patterns as well as to modernize the system by introducing new technologies and solutions. The European transmission and distribution industry is ready to contribute and make with its innovative smart grid technologies the energy transition a reality for all European citizens.

Gerhard Seyrling, President of T&D Europe and Raul Gil, Chairman of the Europacable Energy Team welcomed the discussions and stressed the need to work together with all relevant stakeholders and partners to deliver reliable and future-proof transmission and distribution grids which would help Europe meet the challenges of its electrified future.

In short, Europe needs more and smarter electricity grids to make the energy transition a reality: Europe’s globally leading grid technology manufacturers, represented by Europacable and T&D Europe, are ready to deliver Europe’s future transmission and distribution systems!

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