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In Memoriam: Yves Bokshorn


On September 3, Yves Bokshorn passed away at the age of 92 years. He was president of the Technical Commission of CAPIEL (predecessor of T&D Europe) during the first years of the Association.



In the beginning, CAPIEL was little more than a group of colleagues and friends from different European companies that met and worked spontaneously, in some cases even outside the decision and understanding of their respective bosses, motivated by their interest in the electricity industry, with the support of the secretaries of their respective national associations. Yves was the engine of that group and he knew how to lay the foundations for a growing professionalization of their activities and the formal recognition of the companies.

Despite its limitations, the Technical Commission of CAPIEL achieved important successes under the presidency and active participation of Yves. To mention a few:

Over the years, a technical report was prepared on the use of SF6 in the electrical industry, which was received with the greatest interest at the international market place. In fact, IEC asked (and received) permission to use it to draft a Technical Report, that replicated almost literally the CAPIEL document. The IEC Technical Report progressively evolved until reaching the level of International Standard, IEC 62271-4, still in force, which contains the principles that CAPIEL described more than two decades before

In the nineties of the 20th century, it carried out an exhaustive study of the existing European Directives that affected or could affect the electricity industry. This work was done at a time when a great controversy existed concerning the applicability of the European Directives. The condensate of that study became a Position Paper on the applicability of the directives, which is still part of the current Position Paper of T&D EUROPE on that topic.

Particularly important, and of long term impact, was the work carried out by the Technical Commission to promote the updating of the IEC international standards, on High Voltage electrical switchgear (under the scope of IEC TC 17) in cooperation with UNIPEDE (predecessor of EURELECTRIC)

However, beyond his undeniable professional merits, for those of us who knew and treated him personally, Yves' most important aspect was his human dimension and his prudent, intelligent and efficient way of managing the conflicts that sometimes arose during the work of the Commission.

Yves will always be remembered for the priceless, unpayable lessons in the way of carrying out the activity of CAPIEL, in both aspects professional and how to deal with colleagues.

May Yves rest in peace, a man who has done so much in favour of the European electricity industry. He deserves the respect and homage of those in T&D EUROPE who are today, perhaps without being fully aware, still beneficiaries of his work.